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Nine in custody after South Carolina drug busts

If you drive about an hour and a half west of Myrtle Beach, you will come to Lake City, South Carolina. The town is perhaps best known as the home of Dr. Ronald E. McNair, one of the astronauts who died many years ago in the ill-fated Challenger shuttle explosion.

The town of about 6,000 might appear sleepy and quiet to outsiders, but residents know that Lake City struggles with complex issues like every other American locale. According to news media reports, the town recently saw the arrests of 9 people on a wide variety of serious drug charges.

When passengers are injured in car accidents

Being a passenger in a car can leave one feeling kind of helpless, especially when one can only watch as an accident happens. Passengers simply have no control, they just have to sit and hope for the best. When passengers are injured in car accidents, though, they do not just have to sit by and figure out how they are going to cover any of their resulting losses. According to the state of South Carolina, they may have legal recourse.

So, who is responsible for a passenger's injuries? It could be the driver or drivers who caused the crash, the owner of the car -- if different -- the vehicle manufacturer, the city or any other party thought at fault. It all depends on the details of the event.

Brain injuries can leave children with behavioral issues

When thinking about severe head injuries, most people think about all the physical impairments that can accompany them. The truth is, though, in children -- and adults as well -- significant brain injuries can also result in a person having behavioral issues. For parents in South Carolina who are taking care of children who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, these behavioral problems can really take a toll on their lives over time.

What causes the behavioral outbursts exhibited by children who have suffered TBIs? This tends to happen when there is an internal struggle. There is a want to do certain things and the physical inability to do so, or a lack of opportunity due to environmental limitations. Children who are unable to verbally express their wants or needs will find other ways to let their parents know. Unfortunately, sometimes the way they do end up expressing themselves is not always very kind.

Criminal defense: Routine traffic stop results in drug bust

A man from out of state was operating his vehicle in the Myrtle Beach area when he allegedly ran a stop sign. Upon seeing this, police initiated a traffic stop and things just went downhill from there for the driver. He was ultimately arrested on drug charges. Due to the severity of the charges filed against the accused, the criminal defense offered is going to make or break this case.

According to reports, police were watching an area on Collins Street which is supposedly a hot spot for drug dealers. An undercover police officer is said to have seen the driver of a white pickup stop on Collins Street before leaving, running a stop sign and pulling into a beach access. The officer initiated a traffic stop, during which he allegedly smelled marijuana in the accused's vehicle.

South Carolina criminal defense: Accused of shoplifting?

In South Carolina and elsewhere, shoplifting is an issue that plagues numerous business owners. There are those who believe this to be a harmless act, but the truth of the matter is it hurts retailers and the loss, if significant enough, gets passed onto consumers in the form of increased prices. Because so many people can be affected by shoplifting, the state does not take this type of crime lightly. As such, those accused of shoplifting could benefit from a strong criminal defense to help them achieve the best outcomes to their cases.

How is shoplifting defined? Simply put, shoplifting is taking or attempting to remove merchandise from a business without paying for it. If one is accused of shoplifting, prosecuting attorneys will have to prove that the accused took possession of the merchandise and had the intent to remove it from the place of business without making payment.

Steps to take after a boating accident

Boating accidents may not be as prevalent as ones involving automobiles, but a significant number of people each year end up getting injured as a result of someone else's negligence. According to data collected by the United States Coast Guard, 4,463 boat accidents occurred off American shores in 2016 alone. Out of all those accidents, over 2,900 injuries took place.

The first priority after an accident is making sure everyone is safe and uninjured; contact medical authorities if anyone is hurt. However, in the event there are no injuries, there are certain actions that are still required when two boats collide.

Car accidents: Arrest follows Myrtle Beach golf cart crash

This is a popular time of year for people to flock to Myrtle Beach. Because there could be a variety of different people utilizing the roadways in a variety of different -- and legal -- ways, drivers must remain vigilant at all times in addition to obeying a traffic laws to prevent car accidents. Unfortunately, one woman -- likely vacationing in the area -- has lost her life after the golf cart she was riding in was struck by a motor vehicle.

The vehicle that allegedly struck the golf cart is said to have been driven by a woman one evening on a day in late July. Police claim that the driver attempted to pass a van on the left. When she did so, she reportedly ran off the left side of the road, striking several garbage cans and recycling bins before re-entering the road.

Pursuing justice following fatal South Carolina car accidents

When injuries occur in South Carolina vehicle collisions caused by driver negligence, those affected may pursue justice by filing personal injury claims in civil court. In fatal car accidents, those who die are sometimes the same ones who caused the collisions to occur. When this is the case, a recovering injured victim may file a claim against a decedent's estate.

Whether that will occur following a recent tragedy remains to be seen. The accident involved a single vehicle that a witness later said sounded like a freight train when it smashed into an embankment. At some point, just before the crash, the driver reportedly lost control of his steering.

Avoiding a drunk driving charge in South Carolina

Going to a party or event? Were you considering having a few drinks but fear getting pulled over for drunk driving? There are things you can do to avoid being charged with DUI here in South Carolina.

Of course, if you want to have a few drinks, it would probably be best to have them early. This way, the alcohol may have time to get through your system before you leave. You could switch to drinks that do not contain alcohol for the duration of the event or party. During that time, you could also be sure to eat something.

Felony DUI charge filed following head-on crash

Four people were recently injured in a wreck in South Carolina. The driver believed responsible -- a 29-year-old woman -- is among the injured. As police believe that impairment was a factor in this case, this individual is now facing felony DUI and child endangerment charges.

In the evening of Tuesday, July 4, the accused was operating her SUV on Wando Park Boulevard in Mount Pleasant when, at approximately 6:30 p.m., she crossed into oncoming traffic and struck another vehicle head-on. The driver and a passenger in the impacted car suffered serious injuries in the wreck. They were transported to an area hospital for care.

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