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Felony DUI charge filed following head-on crash

Four people were recently injured in a wreck in South Carolina. The driver believed responsible -- a 29-year-old woman -- is among the injured. As police believe that impairment was a factor in this case, this individual is now facing felony DUI and child endangerment charges.

In the evening of Tuesday, July 4, the accused was operating her SUV on Wando Park Boulevard in Mount Pleasant when, at approximately 6:30 p.m., she crossed into oncoming traffic and struck another vehicle head-on. The driver and a passenger in the impacted car suffered serious injuries in the wreck. They were transported to an area hospital for care.

Operation Southern Shield meant to help reduce car accidents

Many drivers in South Carolina and in other states driver well above the posted speed limits or commit a number of traffic violations that put themselves and others with whom they share the road at risk. Unfortunately, this behavior has led to numerous car accidents over the years. A new initiative by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration is meant to get people to slow down and save lives.

Operation Southern Shield, as it is being called, will be taking place in five different states -- South Carolina included -- from July 17 until July 23. Highway Patrol officers will be monitoring everything from back roads to major highways, on the lookout for those who are speeding or committing any other traffic violations. Those caught could end up being ticketed and fined.

Let a criminal defense attorney help you with that theft charge

Have you been arrested and charged with committing theft? If you have, you could face some substantial consequences if you are convicted in a South Carolina criminal court. At the end of the day, the outcome of your case will all depend on the details of the event for which you stand accused and how you choose to defend yourself. Coming up with a defense strategy is something with which a criminal defense attorney can help.

The definition of theft is, in short, purposely taking someone else's property without that individual's consent and having no intent of returning the property. What is the key word here? Intent.

South Carolina criminal defense: Charged with a hit-and-run?

South Carolina has seen its fair share of hit-and-run accidents over the years. In fact, there have been over 900 of them in just the last five years alone. In total, 69 people have died in such collisions. The sad truth about these accidents is that the drivers are not always at fault, but by leaving the scene they create serious legal trouble for themselves. Thankfully, an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to help.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol is currently in the process of investigating two hit-and-run incidents that occurred in the last two weeks. While many of these collisions result from distracted or impaired driving, others simply are accidents where the drivers flee due to driving on suspended licenses or simply because they are scared. Leaving the scene of an accident can have severe consequences, though.

When summertime fun leads to brain injuries, you may seek relief

It is officially summer, which means more people in South Carolina and elsewhere, particularly children, are enjoying time outside. They are riding bikes, going boating and using recreation vehicles of all sorts -- among other things. Fun as all that may be, sometimes accidents happen and brain injuries result. When such accidents are caused by another person's negligence, victims may have legal recourse.

If your child suffers a brain injury this summer, it is okay to question how it happened and who may be responsible. Was your child struck by a distracted or impaired driver? Did someone else's carelessness cause the injury? If so, you may be entitled to seek compensation by filing civil claims against the party believed responsible.

Distributing illicit drugs is against state law

A woman in South Carolina was recently arrested for possessing various drugs with the intent to distribute. Illicit drug distribution does go against state law. If convicted, this individual stands to face some pretty hefty consequences.

According to a local news report, police in Myrtle Beach were called to check out a motel room after complaints of heavy foot traffic and a strong marijuana smell. When police went to the room in question, they allegedly smelled the drug. The occupant, a 32-year-old female, is said to have told officers that she had a bag of marijuana located on the nightstand. This prompted the officers to detain the woman and obtain a search warrant.

Rideshare passengers injured in car accidents may seek relief

Rideshare services are gaining in popularity all around the country, and South Carolina is no exception. There are a lot of great benefits to using these services, but what happens if one is a passenger in a rideshare vehicle that is involved in a crash? Who is responsible for the injuries that result from such car accidents?

At the end of the day, it all depends on who caused the accident. If one's driver is believed to be at fault, the driver and the company for whom he or she was working may be held responsible. If the the driver of the other automobile involved is thought to have caused the crash, he or she may be sued for any damages one suffers.

South Carolina man charged in fatal hit-and-run case

In the early morning hours of May 27, a man driving a moped was struck by another vehicle in South Carolina. The driver believed responsible for crash reportedly fled the scene. However, police recently made an arrest in this case. The accused is now facing a hit-and-run charge.

According to a local news report, a 47-year-old male was operating his moped on the U.S. 701 South when at approximately 4:20 a.m. he was hit by a car in the area of New Road. The driver of the car failed to remain at the scene and did not call for help. Sadly, as a result, the victim died of his injuries at the scene of the collision.

Motorcyclists need to look out for negligent drivers

Summer brings hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists to the Myrtle Beach area every year. Whether it is for early season events like Myrtle Beach Bike Week or Atlantic Beach Bikefest, or vacationers coming throughout the season, the Grand Strand is full of bikers and their passengers.

Everyone on area roads needs to drive defensively and look out for other vehicles and pedestrians. However, it seems that motorcyclists often have to be extra cautious, because others are not looking out for them.

South Carolina wrongful death: Motorcyclist killed in crash

The South Carolina Highway Patrol recently responded to a collision between a motorcyclist and the driver of an SUV. This incident occurred in Horry County on Tuesday, May 16. Sadly, the motorcyclist died in the incident. Per the laws of the state, the victim's loved ones may be entitled to seek compensation by filing a wrongful death claim in civil court.

A local news station recently reported that a 31-year-old male was operating his motorcycle northbound on S.C. 9 in Longs when, at approximately 3:30 p.m., he collided with an SUV that was exiting a private drive. Authorities report that this individual was not wearing a helmet. He is believed to have died upon impact.

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