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What is aggravated drunk driving?

People driving while under the influence of alcohol is a problem in South Carolina and elsewhere. When law enforcement officers suspect a person of drunk driving, that individual will more than likely be asked to submit to sobriety testing. Doing so, or refusing to do so, could result in that individual being charged with DUI. Depending on the circumstances of the matter, an aggravated DUI charge may be filed.

What is aggravated drunk driving? In short, it is driving under the influence while, at the same time, committing another serious offense. Examples of aggravating factors tend to include:

  • Excessive speeding
  • Extremely high blood alcohol level
  • DUI with minors in the car
  • Repeat offender
  • Driving without an active license

3 essential boating safety tips

Each time you take your boat to the water, it is worth it to review a checklist and some safety information. Whether you have been boating for decades or you are brand new to it, it is important to refresh your mind on boating safety.

Before you depart out to Myrtle Beach, make sure you and your passengers look over these boating safety practices to reduce the chances of anyone suffering an injury.

South Carolina man in jail following fatal crash

A South Carolina man has been taken into police custody following a fatal car crash. According to reports, law enforcement authorities believe he was driving under the influence when the collision occurred. He is currently in jail, and it is unclear if or when bond will be set in his case.

On the evening of Oct. 9, two vehicles were traveling in the northbound land of Highway 57. One car -- driven by a 26-year-old female -- attempted to turn into a private drive when the other car -- driven by a 24-year-old male -- left the road, hit the woman's vehicle and then slammed into a tree. Sadly, the victim, who has been identified as a resident of Florence, died at the scene.

South Carolina car accidents: Woman injured in recent wreck

A South Carolina woman required medical treatment after being involved in a car crash in Myrtle Beach. This incident occurred the morning of Oct. 2. When victims of car accidents suffer injuries as this woman did, they may seek to recover any resulting losses by filing civil claims in court against those deemed responsible.

According to a recent report, the victim was operating her SUV on the US 17 Bypass when a sedan traveling in the same direction attempted a lane change and struck her vehicle. The force of impact sent the SUV flying off the road. The vehicle hit a sign and landed with its wheels up in the air, trapping the victim inside. Rescue crews freed the woman and then transported her to an area hospital. The extent of her injuries was not reported, though they are believed to be non life-threatening.

Will wrongful death claim follow Polaris investigation?

Is it a car or a motorcycle? According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, the Slingshot -- the three-wheeled vehicle made by Polaris -- is indeed a motorcycle despite the fact that is has a seatbelt and a steering wheel. With its larger size and extra safety features, South Carolina residents may think that it would offer an operator a more protected ride compared to a regular motorcycle. Unfortunately, this may not be the case. Polaris is currently under investigation after a supposed manufacturing defect led to the seemingly wrongful death of a Slingshot owner.

According to reports, investigators are questioning the safety of the seatbelt retractors on nearly 5,000 Slingshot motorcycles with 2015 manufacturing dates. This is because a man recently died in a crash after he was partially ejected from his Slingshot. The victim's surviving family members believe that an issue with the seatbelt contributed to his untimely demise.

To do or not to do the breath test if suspected of drunk driving

South Carolina residents may be aware of some of the tests law enforcement officers use to help determine if people are driving while under the influence of alcohol. The breath test is one that many are not sure is necessary or wise in which to participate. The truth is, if suspected of drunk driving, there may be reason to pass on this particular sobriety test.

Say no to a cop? Most people do believe that they must comply with an officer's demands. In the moment, saying no may seem like an impossible thing to do. However, refusing to give a breath sample is one's right.

South Carolina man charged with drunk driving

A South Carolina man found himself in police custody recently. According to reports, law enforcement officers claim that this individual was speeding and driving while under the influence of alcohol. He was promptly arrested and charged with drunk driving.

In the early morning hours of Sept. 10, a 27-year-old male was operating his vehicle in the area of 23rd Avenue North and North Kings Highway. Police claim to have clocked this individual at driving in excess of 25 mph over the speed limit. A routine traffic stop was then initiated.

When passengers are injured in car accidents

Being a passenger in a car can leave one feeling kind of helpless, especially when one can only watch as an accident happens. Passengers simply have no control, they just have to sit and hope for the best. When passengers are injured in car accidents, though, they do not just have to sit by and figure out how they are going to cover any of their resulting losses. According to the state of South Carolina, they may have legal recourse.

So, who is responsible for a passenger's injuries? It could be the driver or drivers who caused the crash, the owner of the car -- if different -- the vehicle manufacturer, the city or any other party thought at fault. It all depends on the details of the event.

Brain injuries can leave children with behavioral issues

When thinking about severe head injuries, most people think about all the physical impairments that can accompany them. The truth is, though, in children -- and adults as well -- significant brain injuries can also result in a person having behavioral issues. For parents in South Carolina who are taking care of children who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, these behavioral problems can really take a toll on their lives over time.

What causes the behavioral outbursts exhibited by children who have suffered TBIs? This tends to happen when there is an internal struggle. There is a want to do certain things and the physical inability to do so, or a lack of opportunity due to environmental limitations. Children who are unable to verbally express their wants or needs will find other ways to let their parents know. Unfortunately, sometimes the way they do end up expressing themselves is not always very kind.

Criminal defense: Routine traffic stop results in drug bust

A man from out of state was operating his vehicle in the Myrtle Beach area when he allegedly ran a stop sign. Upon seeing this, police initiated a traffic stop and things just went downhill from there for the driver. He was ultimately arrested on drug charges. Due to the severity of the charges filed against the accused, the criminal defense offered is going to make or break this case.

According to reports, police were watching an area on Collins Street which is supposedly a hot spot for drug dealers. An undercover police officer is said to have seen the driver of a white pickup stop on Collins Street before leaving, running a stop sign and pulling into a beach access. The officer initiated a traffic stop, during which he allegedly smelled marijuana in the accused's vehicle.

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