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April 2014 Archives

South Carolina man facing felony charges for violent crimes

A man claiming to be a nephew of a Richland County Council member is facing several charges for his supposed connection to the shooting and attempted sexual assault of a woman and her daughter in South Carolina. Allegations of violent crimes tend to warrant felony charges under state laws and could mean prison time if prosecutors are able to obtain a conviction. This man maintains that he is innocent of the allegations against him and denies any involvement in the crime.

Possible felony charges for South Carolina hit-and-run driver

Being the driver involved in a hit-and-run accident with a pedestrian can certainly be a frightening experience. Unfortunately, these accidents do happen, and the best thing a driver can do is stay at the scene. However, fear of the consequences associated with a pedestrian accident often leads people to flee the scene before help arrives. This decision to leave generally places these individuals in a far worse situation with more severe consequences, including felony charges, under South Carolina laws.

Over a dozen people in South Carolina face charges in drug court

There have been several drug busts around South Carolina already this year. Local and federal authorities don't take the use or distribution of illegal drugs lightly, so those accused of involvement in such activity could face some serious charges in drug court. The most recent bust came after what was reported to be a year-long operation by Sumter Police.

South Carolina men facing felony charges for armed robbery

Violent crimes in South Carolina are often reported in the news. Is the cause of such frequent activity due to a poor economy, befriending the wrong people, feeling a lack of available options or simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time? It is hard to know exactly why some people find themselves in these situations, but regardless of the reasoning, the right to a criminal defense is critical. With police cracking down on violent crimes of all types, those accused of such crimes may face felony charges which carry harsh penalties should a conviction ultimately be obtained.

South Carolina man facing a drunk driving charge for fatal crash

When a fatal accident occurs, both the victim's family and the local police department will typically look at all aspects of the event to find answers as to why it happened. One of the recurrent questions in these types of tragedies is whether the driver deemed responsible was driving while impaired. Drunk driving is a serious offense in South Carolina, particularly if a fatal accident occurs as a result.

Felony charges in South Carolina arson and insurance fraud case

The last thing people tend to expect when they are down on their luck is a criminal charge. As if things couldn't seem to get any worse for a person losing a home in a fire, one more thing is added to their already full plate. Two men in South Carolina who lost their home in a house fire last year have recently been charged with arson and insurance fraud. Both of these are felony charges, which may result in prison time and hefty fines if any validity is found to the allegations.

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