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Cocaine-related crimes punishable by state and federal law

Every state has laws regarding cocaine-related crimes. South Carolina is certainly no exception. As cocaine use, sale, manufacturing and trafficking are all serious problems in the state, those accused of taking part in such offenses will face stiff penalties under state and/or federal law, if convicted. Thankfully, those accused can seek the assistance of legal counsel to help them fight their cases.

Baby tests positive for drugs, mom may qualify for drug court

A young mother in South Carolina was recently arrested after testing positive for drugs shortly after giving birth. The baby is also said to have tested positive for drugs. She is now facing both drug and child neglect charges as a result. If the accused meets all of the necessary qualifications, she may be able to have her case moved to drug court.

South Carolina drug court levels

Those charged with drug-related offenses in South Carolina may be able to avoid prosecution by having their cases moved to drug court. Drug court offers treatment and rehabilitation in a supervised setting. While this is not an option available to all who are facing drug charges, it is a great way to avoid criminal punishment and get the help needed to beat drug addictions for those who do qualify.

Drug crimes typed according to state and federal law

Drug crimes can be put into various categories depending the specifics of individual cases. Some of these crimes are covered under federal law, while others are considered state matters. This column will address some common drug crime types seen in South Carolina and how it is determined if state or federal laws are applied when cases goes to court.

Does state or federal law apply in drug possession cases?

Drug crimes can be somewhat complex. What few people may fail to realize is that certain drug crimes are charged under state law, while others are charged in accordance with federal law. In South Carolina and elsewhere, drug possession is one offense that could actually fall in either category.

South Carolina drug court: Man charged with marijuana possession

An elderly gentleman in South Carolina was recently arrested for marijuana possession and other drug-related charges. His arrest came after he called police, seeking assistance with an alleged robbery that occurred at his home. Depending on how this particular case is handled, the accused may seek to have the charges dismissed or pursue rehabilitative services in drug court.

Changes coming to federal law regarding drug offenders?

Federal laws regarding drug crimes are quite strict. Those convicted of drug crimes at this level stand to face significant fines and lengthy prison terms. If a group of senators get their way, though, changes may be coming to federal law in regard to nonviolent drug offenders. This can be good news for those accused of such crimes in South Carolina and elsewhere.

South Carolina state law tough on meth manufacturing

Two people in South Carolina were recently arrested for their alleged involvement with a meth lab. According to reports, police received information about a possible meth lab in a home in Sumter County. As state law does not take drug manufacturing lightly, both of these individuals stand to face some serious consequences if they are convicted.

State law can be tough on those accused of drug crimes

There is no questioning how seriously law enforcement officials in South Carolina treat drug crimes. Anyone found involved in a drug crime in any way could face serious penalties according to state law. An individual who stands accused of this type of activity is likely to benefit from the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows and understands how the system works and will do everything possible to achieve an optimal result for the client.

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