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Conway man charged with assault after skirmish outside bar

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2013 | Felonies

Stories of assault allegations can become tangled and difficult to parse out, given that these incidents usually arise out more than one person becoming angry. This can be especially true when alcohol is a factor.

Police in Myrtle Beach were told several different stories about a recent fight outside of the Little Brazil Restaurant and Bar. The man described in a news report as the “victim” was intoxicated at the time of the altercation, according to police, and what was apparently his attempt at chivalry led to fisticuffs.

The alleged victim claims that a 36-year-old Conway man was arguing with his wife when the victim decided to intervene. He told police that he was suddenly attacked by the Conway man, but that isn’t exactly the series of events described by the man who was eventually arrested. Other witnesses gave other conflicting accounts.

The Conway man doesn’t dispute that he was arguing with his wife, but he did tell police that he was hit by a full can of beer thrown by the alleged victim. The man from Conway also claimed that the other guy pulled a knife and acted as if he wanted to fight. The man allegedly wielding a knife was warned by the Conway man to put the knife down. The other man then aggressed, according to the Conway man.

A fight apparently ensued, and the man who tried to intervene in the initial argument wound up with head lacerations.

Other witnesses claimed to have seen the Conway man throw a beer can back at the other man, choke him, hit him with a bar stool and drag him out of the bar before beating and kicking him.

The bar fight led to an assault charge against the Conway man, and he will undoubtedly need a strong criminal defense to protect his rights and freedom.

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