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Police search Florence home, arrest 4 on marijuana charges

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2013 | Drug Charges

Four Florence County men, one of whom is a minor, are in the unfortunate situation of facing drug charges. Authorities claim that a lengthy investigation led to a search warrant being issued for a Florence residence. Three of the suspects were said to live in the home.

The eldest man, 43, is up against a charge of marijuana possession, while a 17-year-old is accused of pot possession with intent to distribute. A 20-year-old is facing that same charge in addition to marijuana manufacturing and possession. The fourth person, a 20-year-old, was arrested in connection with a separate investigation, according to police.

Authorities in Florence County say they seized equipment used to grow marijuana along with an undisclosed quantity of pot. Police claim the marijuana was being grown inside the home.

In the last decade, the issue of marijuana crime has become much more complicated on a national level. While some states have medical marijuana and even recreational marijuana allowances, South Carolina still prosecutes even small possession charges. Anyone who has been accused of a marijuana crime would be wise to seek legal support.

Being found guilty of possessing, manufacturing or selling marijuana can have serious consequences in terms of a defendant’s freedom and finances. An accused individual’s reputation may also be at stake.

In criminal defense, it is important to remember that not every drug-crime allegation holds up in court, and everyone must be presumed innocent unless the prosecution shows evidence to the contrary. It is also important to make sure that no evidence that was improperly obtained is used against a defendant.


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