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South Carolina: Man charged in hit and run

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2013 | Felonies

South Carolina police have arrested and charged a man after he is alleged to have caused the death of another man. The individual who has been arrested is accused of having been involved in a hit and run accident. The victim in the accident later died as a result of his injuries.

The accident occurred after the victim had already been involved in another accident. He was riding a moped when the first incident took place. It has not been released as to what type of accident the moped rider experienced. However, the victim was apparently in the roadway when he was struck by another vehicle.

The driver of that car is alleged to have failed to stop after hitting the moped rider. The man was transported to a nearby medical facility where he was later reported to have succumbed to the severity of his injuries. The driver who police have charged is currently in custody at a county facility.

South Carolina authorities are continuing to investigate the accident, and in the meantime, the accused driver is awaiting further legal proceedings. The accident occurred late in the evening, and it has not been made clear where in the road the victim may have been at the time of the collision. Regardless, this man is possibly facing serious consequences if it is determined that he is guilty in this alleged hit and run accident. There are laws in place that will ensure that his rights are protected as he seeks to determine the best course of action available to him in his current situation. He has every right to defend himself and contest the evidence prosecutors seek to present in support of the accusations.

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