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South Carolina criminal defense: Rapper DMX arrested again

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2013 | Criminal Defense

It is not only regular people who get arrested and charged with crimes. Sometimes, the rich and famous get arrested too. It does not matter if the person is rich, poor, famous or unknown, and it does not matter what that person’s criminal background happens to be. If that person is charged with a crime in the state of South Carolina, the consequences can be serious unless they bring forward a successful criminal defense against the charges.

Recently, a well-known rapper, DMX, was arrested again by South Carolina police on several charges. A law enforcement officer who happened to be familiar with the rap star and his previous arrests pulled him over for questioning while he was arriving at a South Carolina airport. The officer ultimately arrested the musician after he was reportedly unable to show a valid driver’s license.

The celebrity was charged with having no insurance or car tag and driving on a suspended license. According to the rapper’s publicist, DMX was held in jail for three hours prior to his posting bond and being released. This most recent arrest follows two separate arrests earlier this year, regarding DUI charges and marijuana possession. The musician has been arrested multiple times on various criminal charges in previous years as well.

Anyone who is accused of a crime in the state of South Carolina can defend themselves in a court of law through a well-organized criminal defense. Even if they have been accused and/or convicted of multiple crimes in the past, they are presumed innocent of any new charges and are fully entitled to that presumption at every stage of the criminal proceedings. A plea of not guilty will require that prosecutors prove the claims they have made against DMX by competent and relevant evidence that meets the exacting measure of proof required of all criminal proceedings in our state. Failing that, no conviction can be secured.

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