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South Carolina sex offenses: Child sex trafficking growing online

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2013 | Sex Crimes

According to South Carolina law enforcement, child sex trafficking is changing. Days standing on street corners are no more as an increasing amount of ads are being posted online that include pictures and services provided. These sex offenses against children are taken very seriously and law enforcement is cracking down on all those involved.

Officers often run undercover stings, posing as an interested client, to find these human traffickers and what they often find are underage children being forced into prostitution. Penalties for those charged with sex crimes vary but include fines, jail and/or prison time. If found promoting an underage child, registration on the sex offender registry is required.

Accusations of child sex trafficking can ruin the lives of those accused, both personally and professionally. Business owners charged with allowing a trafficking ring to use their property can lose their license, in turn losing their livelihood. Registration on the sex offender list can ruin a person’s reputation. Constant GPS electronic monitoring may also be required.

South Carolina residents, regardless of the crime for which they are accused, have rights when preparing their criminal defense. Prosecutors must be able to prove guilt in every element of the crimes they are charged with before a conviction can occur. If prosecutors fail in that requirement, pending charges have to be dismissed. For those accused of sex offenses, particularly against children, potential negative consequences of a conviction facilitate the need for a strategic criminal defense to protect their legal rights and fight for the best possible outcome.

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