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South Carolina man to face charges in drug court

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2013 | Drug Charges

With drug activity seemingly on the rise, police are out in full force when it comes to tracking down those affiliated with drug trafficking and distribution. After months of investigation of illegal drug activity in Florence County, a South Carolina man was arrested and now faces charges in drug court for his alleged affiliation with the distribution of cocaine. Charges against him could include drug possession, drug trafficking, possession with the intent to distribute and drug manufacturing, just to name a few.

The 37-year-old man was recently arrested after narcotics investigators searched a home near Effingham. It was reported that 35 grams of cocaine, scales, a bearing press and weapons were found on the property. It was not reported if the man who was arrested owns or rents the property or if he was just there when the search took place.

The accused was taken to the Florence County Detention Center but was later released on a $20,000 surety bond. Court dates and a final list of charges for this case have not been reported. Whether this case will be held in state or federal court also still needs to be determined.

Drug-related crimes are often combined with a host of other charges, including possible DUI and violent crimes. Those accused can be looking at serious fines and jail or prison time if found guilty. However, those in South Carolina who are accused of drug-related crimes do have rights. A strategic criminal defense can help an accused person defend those rights and navigate through the drug court process to fight for the best possible outcome for a specific situation.

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