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South Carolina woman facing domestic violence felony charges

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2013 | Criminal Defense

When thinking of domestic violence situations, many people fault the male in the relationship. However, there seems to be an increase in the amount of women that are reported to be on the giving end of this violence. A recent incident in South Carolina, between a woman and her common-law husband, has landed the woman in jail facing felony charges.

The incident occurred on Christmas Eve when the woman in question sent her significant other out on a beer run. When he returned home without it, she supposedly became so aggravated that she hit him in the head with a ceramic squirrel. She then allegedly used the ceramic decoration to stab him in the chest.

Her husband was apparently able to get away and ran to a neighbor’s home to call for help. The woman claimed that her husband fell, but she supposedly had blood on her hands and clothes so she was arrested and detained at the local jail. Bond was set at $10,000. Her hearing has been set and she is facing a domestic violence felony charge of an aggravated nature.

Those facing felony charges in domestic violence cases could encounter severe consequences under South Carolina laws. Accusations of domestic violence can have damaging effects on one’s personal and professional life. Those facing these accusations have the right to contest the allegations against them and fight for the best possible result for their situation. If prosecutors fail to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she was responsible for her husband’s injuries, charges against her would most likely have to be dismissed.

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