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South Carolina man charged with hit and run and felony DUI

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2014 | Drunk Driving

Local authorities in South Carolina take drunk driving seriously. Being caught driving under the influence can land a person in jail, facing felony DUI charges and hefty fines. A recent event in Mt. Pleasant has a man facing not only charges for DUI but also a hit and run that resulted in property damage.

The hit and run supposedly took place at a local apartment complex where residents claim to have seen a Jeep hit a car while trying to park. He was said to have been backing up at the time of the collision. Police report that the Jeep driver left the scene after hitting the other car. No injuries were reported, but there was damage to the vehicle. Residents supplied police with the license plate number of the Jeep they say was involved.

Local authorities used the license plate number to track down the owner and say they found him at his home. Reportedly, he was still in the Jeep, and the engine was running. Police claim he smelled of alcohol, but the accused refused field sobriety tests. After he allegedly became agitated, he was arrested. Information relating to bond and court dates was not reported.

Those convicted of drunk driving could face serious consequences under South Carolina laws. Aside from any fines and possibly revoking or suspending his license, jail time may also be considered. Those facing felony DUI charges may benefit from a thoughtful defense to help guide them through criminal court proceedings and help fight the charges. While this driver is facing several different charges, it remains the sole responsibility of prosecutors to prove his guilt for each of them. If they fail in that, charges for which they fail to prove guilt would likely be subject to dismissal.

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