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Man charged with sexual assault in South Carolina and 2nd state

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2014 | Sex Crimes

Sex crimes involving children are significant offenses which are taken very seriously in South Carolina and nationwide. Local authorities do not take accusations of these crimes lightly and those accused of the sexual assault of a minor could face extremely negative consequences under state law. Thankfully, even with such a claim, those accused have the right to defend themselves in a court of law.

Recently, a man was arrested and charged for his alleged involvement in sex crimes against children in two states, one of which is South Carolina. The man is apparently a gymnastics instructor and owner of his own business, currently located in another state. He faces charges for the rape of a minor and several counts of molestation.

While police in his current state were investigating the accusations, they found that a former student from South Carolina also claims to have been sexually assaulted by him. Once the case in his current state is concluded, South Carolina authorities do have plans to extradite him to face prosecution. It is unknown how many and what charges specifically he will face after he is brought back to South Carolina.

A sexual assault charge can be horribly damaging both personally and professionally to those accused. Along with the possibility of fines and prison time, this individual also stands to lose his business and livelihood. A strong criminal defense could help this individual seek the best outcome possible and may even lessen any related consequences that follow, if convicted. It is up to the prosecution to present a high degree of proof of guilt against the accused. If they fail to do so, the individual accused of these crimes would likely have the charges against them lowered or dismissed.

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