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Possible increase of drug court penalties in South Carolina

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2014 | Drug Charges

The possession and trafficking of illegal prescription drugs is becoming a very real problem in South Carolina. With an increase in this type of drug possession, local authorities are looking to increase the penalties that would be imposed by the state’s drug court. For those accused of such crimes, this could mean longer prison terms and higher fines. A strategic criminal defense could help those accused of drug activity defend themselves against the charges they face.

Current laws in South Carolina regarding drug trafficking generally inflict penalties determined by the weight of the drugs that are found. Sponsors proposing a new law would like to see the laws changed to increase the penalties associated with not just trafficking but also possession of illegal prescription drugs. Those who support this change in the law believe that those dealing in illegal prescription drugs are taking needed medication from elderly people.

The proposed law would mean that penalties would be based on the number of illegal pills confiscated, not by the overall weight of the drugs found. It would also make it a crime to simply possess a large number of illegal prescription drugs, even if there is no intent to distribute. Having multiple prescriptions for one medication would also become an illegal offense.

Residents in South Carolina who have been accused of possession or trafficking illegal prescription drugs could face serious consequences under current state laws. With the recent changes proposed to the current laws, these consequences will only increase in severity. Individuals who face charges in drug court do have the right to defend themselves and, in doing so, may be able to reduce the severity of the penalties associated with such charges.

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