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Sexual assault charges filed against a South Carolina teacher

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2014 | Sex Crimes

Being a teacher is not an easy task, especially for teachers of junior high and high school students. However difficult the job can be, the rewards often outweigh the cons for most teachers. Unfortunately, being in a position of authority also puts teachers at risk for allegations of misconduct. Sadly, a South Carolina teacher is facing accusations of sexual assault by a student.

A female teacher at a middle school in Sumter County has been charged with criminal sexual conduct and sexually assaulting a minor. She is also accused of using what is known as grooming behavior to get close to her students. These grooming behaviors include but are not limited too being overly concerned, using social media to gain trust and offering gifts.

The accusations against this teacher supposedly came about after she had disciplined her students. The school district has placed her on administrative leave and she turned herself into authorities. She is currently being held at a local detention center waiting her turn for a bond hearing. The investigation into this matter is still pending.

Accusations of sexual assault or misconduct can be extremely damaging to a teacher. Not only is her profession on the line, but this woman is also married with three young children who will all be negatively affected by these allegations. Sex crimes with a minor carry stiff penalties in South Carolina, including fines and jail or prison time. Thankfully, the accused has the right to defend herself in court which will hopefully produce a positive outcome for her situation and allow her and her family to move forward.

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