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South Carolina man facing sexual assault charges

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2014 | Sex Crimes

Cases involving sex crimes and/or violent crimes are all too common in South Carolina. Those accused of any kind of sex crime could face serious consequences under state laws. When sexual assault is combined with other violent crimes, the severity of those consequences increases. Local authorities take these types of crimes very seriously and will do all they can to catch and punish those responsible.

Recently, a St. George man was arrested and charged for his alleged involvement in the sexual assault, kidnapping and robbery of two women. There were apparently two separate incidents that occurred earlier this month in North Charleston, believed to have been committed by the same person. The women were supposedly solicited online by the accused on a website called Upon meeting up with the accused at a local hotel, the women assert they were tied up, raped and then robbed.

The accused was arrested and is currently being held by local authorities. Bond has not been set at this time. It is unknown if any court dates have been determined yet for this case. Charges against the individual include kidnapping, armed robbery and criminal sexual conduct.

An accusation of sexual assault can have long-lasting repercussions for those accused. The possible defamation of character and legal record can ruin a person’s current and future prospects — personally and professionally. South Carolina residents, charged with sexual assault or other violent crimes, do maintain the right to defend themselves to seek the best possible outcome. While every individual’s circumstances may be different, a strategic criminal defense can help those facing criminal proceedings navigate through the system and make informed decisions on the best route to take for their situation.

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