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South Carolina woman faces felony DUI charges

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2014 | Drunk Driving

Unfortunately, drunk driving is the cause of far too many injuries and deaths in South Carolina every year. While intoxicated drivers do not intend to harm anyone, accidents happen and those responsible could face felony DUI charges as a result. Thankfully, those faced with these types of charges have the right to a criminal defense to plead their cases.

Recently, a horrific accident occurred in Horry County and was reportedly caused by an alleged drunk driver. The driver considered responsible for this accident, a 28-year-old female, supposedly ran through a stop sign and struck another vehicle. Sadly, two individuals in that car were killed in the incident and another was reported to be in serious condition at a local medical facility. Three passengers in the accused’s vehicle were also taken to the hospital for treatment.

The driver deemed responsible for this accident was arrested and charges against her include felony DUI. She is currently being held at a local detention center. At this time, bond has been denied and it is unknown if there are any court dates scheduled for her case.

Those accused of driving under the influence may face serious repercussions as a result. South Carolina laws have strict penalties, including fines and jail time, for those convicted of DUI. Thankfully, those faced with felony DUI charges do have the right to defend themselves in court, and, in doing so, may be able to lessen the consequences that follow if convicted. While the legal system can be scary and confusing to navigate, it is possible to fight for and seek the best possible outcome for each and every individual situation.

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