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Criminal defense for South Carolina police officer

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Police officers are known to have a difficult job in which they see and deal with things most only see on television. Even though their service is to be commended, sometimes even police officers make mistakes. On occasion, these mistakes lead to criminal accusations and charges being filed, which could essentially ruin their career. South Carolina police officers accused of a crime, just like anyone else, have the right to a criminal defense to fight the allegations against them in an effort to clear their name.

Recently, an officer in the Columbia Police Department was arrested and charged with a criminal domestic violence incident. The officer, a 36-year-old male, supposedly physically assaulted his girlfriend during an argument. He was taken into custody and transported to a local detention center, but he has since been released.

South Carolina does have one of the highest rates of domestic violence incidents in the country, and it is certainly something that isn’t taken lightly. The officer accused of this crime has been suspended from service without pay until this matter is resolved. It is unknown if any court dates have been set in his case.

Being accused of a criminal offense in South Carolina is a serious matter which can have long-lasting effects on a person’s personal and professional life. In this particular case, if convicted of the charges, this officer faces not only losing his job and therefore his livelihood, but also jail time. A strategic criminal defense can help those accused of a crime fight for the best possible outcome, hopefully clearing their name or at least fighting to lessen any negative consequences that may result.

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