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Criminal defense helpful for sex crime charges in South Carolina

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2014 | Criminal Defense

It seems that far too often people turn to selling sex for money as a means to make a living. Prostitution affects a wide range of age groups, both male and female, many starting the practice in their teenage years — either by force or feelings of necessity to survive. Being involved in prostitution increases the chances of being physically hurt while out on the street and puts those involved at significant risk of facing serious consequences under South Carolina laws. Luckily, those faced with such an accusation have the right to utilize a criminal defense and fight the allegations.

Due to several tips about prostitution occurring in Springdale, a recent undercover operation was planned and carried out by local police. As a result, 12 people were arrested, all for supposedly soliciting prostitution and some for possessing illegal substances as well. The ages of those arrested range from 18-54, all male suspects.

For one individual, this is a purportedly second offense. Three of them are also facing drug possession charges. All of them were being held at the local detention center. No information was released regarding bond amounts or court dates.

Accusations of being involved in prostitution, other sex crimes or drugs can be extremely damaging to a person’s personal and/or professional life. These charges aren’t taken lightly in South Carolina and may require a strategic criminal defense to navigate through court proceedings in the hopes of procuring a positive outcome. Regardless of the current charges and any past criminal records, all of these men have the right to their day in court to defend themselves against the accusations.

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