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Several students in South Carolina facing charges in drug court

On Behalf of | May 1, 2014 | Drug Charges

Another drug bust in South Carolina has led to the arrest of several people, six of whom are college students. All will soon face the charges against them in drug court. The charges related to these drug crimes can carry severe punishment under state and/or federal laws. Thankfully, legal options are available to secure the best possible outcome for each individual’s situation.

In total, 16 people are being charged with drug crimes in Clemson. The students, all attendees of Clemson University, have been charged with distributing marijuana. The other 10 individuals charges vary, but include the distribution of marijuana, ecstasy, LSD and Xanax. Three of the people named in the bust have yet to be caught by police.

According to local law enforcement, several drugs were confiscated during this operation. It is unknown if any of the individuals arrested have previous criminal records. It is also unknown if bond has been determined or if court dates have been scheduled.

Being linked to any involvement in illegal drugs can be damaging to a person’s life. All of the students arrested during this operation not only face jail or prison time but also face expulsion from school; both of which could greatly reduce their chances of future success. Drug charges are taken very seriously in South Carolina, and those accused could face stiff penalties if convicted in drug court. Each individual arrested during this bust may exercise their right to employ a criminal defense, in order to seek the best solution for their specific situation.

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