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South Carolina man has right to criminal defense for DUI charges

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2014 | Criminal Defense

It is summer time and that means police are out in full force looking for impaired drivers. DUI checkpoints will start popping up throughout the state, particularly over holiday weekends. Recently, a South Carolina man was charged for supposedly trying to flee one of these checkpoints. While he may be facing several charges for this incident, he has the right to employ a strategic criminal defense to fight the allegations against him.

The 23-year-old male suffered a minor injury when he was involved in a car accident after allegedly turning away from a DUI checkpoint. The cause of the crash is unknown, though police indicate the man was fleeing from the nearby checkpoint. According to police records, the man supposedly had a marijuana pipe and an open container of beer in his car.

Charges filed against him include driving under the influence, failure to stop and having an open bottle of alcohol in his vehicle. It is unknown if he is facing any charges related to the car accident. At this time, it has not been reported if this individual is being held by police or if he has any court dates scheduled.

While DUI charges in South Carolina vary in severity, felony charges could result. If prosecutors are able to secure a conviction on these charges, several things could result including fines, jail time and possibly the loss of driving privileges. A knowledgeable criminal defense could prove extremely helpful in assisting this individual in choosing the appropriate course of legal action that could help him secure the best possible outcome.

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