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South Carolina mother facing felony charges for possible neglect

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2014 | Criminal Defense

While being a parent can be an extremely rewarding path to take in life, it can also be very difficult. Children can get a hold on things that could cause them harm in a matter of seconds. Parents do their best to baby-proof their homes, but sometimes accidents happen. A South Carolina mother is currently facing felony charges for child neglect after her child supposedly gained access to a prescription painkiller in their home.

An EMS team was sent to a home in Florence County after they received a call stating a 14-month-old child had stopped breathing. They initiated life-saving efforts and transported the child to a local hospital for medical care. Thankfully, the child has since recovered and has been released into the custody of another family member.

The 23-year-old mother was recently arrested for this incident and has been charged with the Unlawful Neglect of a Child. It is unknown if she has been released on bond or if she is being held by police. At this time, there hasn’t been any information released on upcoming court dates for her case.

When a child is hurt, authorities are often notified to investigate the cause of the injury which, unfortunately, could lead to possible neglect charges. Under South Carolina laws, felony charges of child neglect, such as those filed in this case, can have severe consequences. A conviction could include hefty fines and a prison sentence of up to 10 years, though the ultimate underlying fear may be the possibility of losing custody of the child. With so much at stake, it will be necessary for the mother’s defense team to focus on the specifics of the formal accusations as compared to the actual facts and circumstances. She and her attorney will have every reasonable opportunity to contest the accusations and fight for a result that is in her own best interests.

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