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Alleged prostitute in South Carolina facing felony charges

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Economically speaking, times are tough. Some areas of the country may be seeing financial recovery, but others are still struggling. Those that find themselves in dire financial straits may look for any available opportunities in order provide for themselves or their families. Sadly, for one individual in South Carolina, his need to provide for himself apparently resulted in felony charges being filed against him for allegedly engaging in prostitution.

As there has been a growing issue with sex trafficking in South Carolina, local law enforcement are generally on the lookout for those involved. Individuals believed to be prostitutes are often picked up by police and charges usually follow. Recently, a 23-year-old male was arrested after he allegedly solicited an undercover police officer. After his arrest, it was supposedly discovered that this individual was HIV-positive, which resulted in felony charges being filed against him.

Charges against this man include prostitution, exposing others to HIV and possession of a controlled substance. According to police records, this is not his first prostitution offense. A future court date has been scheduled for September to address the current charges at hand.

As South Carolina laws regarding prostitution and the spread of HIV are taken very seriously, the consequences of such actions are pretty severe. A conviction on these felony charges could mean a prison sentence, hefty fines and other penalties. Thankfully, this individual maintains the right to defend himself against these accusations. Applying appropriate criminal defense strategies for the specific circumstances and challenging the evidence offered against him may result in a reduction or dismissal of charges, hopefully allowing this young man to get back to pursuing his future goals of school and employment.

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