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Rights of the accused stand in South Carolina criminal cases

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2014 | Criminal Defense

No matter how big or small a crime may be considered, those accused of a crime have certain protections extended to them. The rights of the accused stand in order to assure that those facing allegations of criminal conduct may defend themselves and be presumed innocent until — and only if — proven guilty. For one young man in South Carolina, these rights will prove invaluable as he faces accusations of unlicensed tattoo work that supposedly injured two juveniles.

Tattooing became legal in South Carolina in 2004. According to state laws, tattoo artists are supposed to be certified in their field and have certain safety training such as CPR and infection control. Proper technique and sterilization of equipment is vitally important in this particular business.

A 20-year-old male was recently arrested after a parent contacted Columbia police when their child became ill, allegedly from tattoo work received. Local law enforcement failed to elaborate on what is suspected of making the juvenile ill.The young man accused of providing these services reportedly turned himself in and is cooperating with police. He is facing a couple counts of unlawful tattooing and is being held at a local detention center.

The consequences of such charges include fines of approximately $2,500 and/or prison time for each offense. The rights of the accused in this case will grant this young man the opportunity to take advantage of a criminal defense that will assess the evidence put forward against him and make appropriate legal challenges in court. Applying strategic defense techniques could prove beneficial in fighting the charges at hand and may work to produce the best available outcome for this individual’s situation.

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