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South Carolina man will face charges in drug court

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2014 | Drug Charges

There has been a big push by local and federal law enforcement agencies to crack down on illegal drugs. Anyone who is found possessing drugs with or without the intent to distribute, can be subjected to severe penalties under South Carolina laws if a conviction is secured. As the consequences are serious, those accused of drug-related activity would likely benefit from a carefully prepared criminal defense when facing charges in drug court.

In recent news, a 50-year-old man was arrested on both drug and weapons charges for his supposed connection to illegal drug activity in the area. Police officers in Greenwood County arrested this individual after reports were received about drug activity taking place on the Callison Highway. The Drug Enforcement Unit was sent to the address provided, and the accused happened to be at the location at the time of their arrival. Police state the accused attempted to flee when he saw the officers pull up.

Authorities claim to have confiscated a small bag containing what they believe to be marijuana. They later learned the accused was supposedly wanted by the South Carolina Highway Patrol on other charges, including a weapons charge and a drug trafficking charge. It is unknown if bond has been set in this case or if any court dates have been scheduled.

Regardless of a previous criminal history or other pending charges, the accused is guaranteed the presumption of innocence for the current charges at hand. As drug charges are taken very seriously in South Carolina, that presumption of innocence and the accused’s right to defend himself will prove invaluable moving forward through drug court proceedings. An assortment of legal options may also be available to help this individual fight the allegations against him. Having a full understanding of these options will prove beneficial while trying to decide the most favorable legal path to pursue for his specific situation.

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