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DUI and Felony DUI cases can benefit from strong representation

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2014 | Felonies

Across the state, people are arrested for DUI related incidents on a daily basis. Law enforcement officers are constantly on the lookout for individuals who are driving while impaired. The level of enforcement is particularly strong around holidays and summer vacation, as well as in popular vacation areas — such as Myrtle Beach. While the need to keep roads safe for everyone is certainly understandable, those actually convicted of DUI charges typically face some pretty harsh penalties, whether the charge is a felony DUI charge or not.

People arrested for DUI related activity could face multiple penalties if a conviction is secured. A list of possible punishments can be found on our [url=‘/Criminal-Defense/DUI-Felony-DUI.shtml’]Myrtle Beach DUI Defense Lawyers[/url] page. If a felony DUI charge is involved, the potential level of punishment can greatly increase.

A felony DUI charge is typically pursued if someone else is injured or killed by a driver who is believed to have been impaired at the time of the incident. The punishments associated with these crimes have become more severe in the last few years, which now include a mandatory prison sentence. An increase in fine amounts is also possible if a conviction is secured.

DUI and felony DUI charges aren’t taken lightly South Carolina. There are several steps involved in criminal cases and those accused can, understandably, feel overwhelmed at times. From arrest to court proceedings, and everything in between, an experienced DUI defense attorney can provide valuable insight to the case and assist in minimizing any possible damages associated with the charges at hand.

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