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Felony charges filed against man accused of sex with a minor

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Police in South Carolina recently arrested a young man accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a minor. As crimes committed against children are taken very seriously, the charges in this case are pretty severe. Several felony charges have been filed and, if convicted, this individual could be looking at a lengthy prison sentence. With so much at stake, this individual would likely benefit from a strategic criminal defense presented on his behalf.

A 19-year-old male has been accused of sending explicit material to a minor via social media and text messages. He was arrested by officers in Florence County, where he supposedly had plans to meet the minor in person. According to officers, this individual had been in contact with the minor for about a month before this attempt to meet.

He was arrested and is facing three felony charges for the alleged incident. These charges include solicitation of a minor, attempted sexual conduct and supplying explicit material to a minor. At this time, it is unknown if a bond hearing or any other court dates regarding this matter have been scheduled.

There is no doubt that accusations like those filed in this case can have life-altering consequences. Along with the possibility of prison time, if convicted on these felony charges, this individual will be required to register with the Sex Offender Registry. It will be important to review all aspects of this case, including gaining access to any evidence offered against this young man, in order to make the best legal decisions regarding his situation. Criminal cases involving minors in South Carolina can be delicate in nature and require a certain balance to ensure the rights of all parties are being protected.

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