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State and federal law standards apply to drug trafficking charges

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2014 | Drug Charges

Drug charges at any level are taken seriously in South Carolina. Along with strict state laws regarding illegal drug activity, there are also specific federal law standards in place to help deter people from getting involved in the illegal drug business and to set standard punishments for those who do. Not all drug offenses are subject to state and federal sentencing guidelines. However, those accused specifically of drug trafficking or distribution may face harsher penalties if a conviction is attained.

Drug trafficking and/or distribution charges are considered felony offenses. These charges are typically determined based on the amount of an illegal substance or cash in a person’s possession. However, individuals with a small amount of drugs in their possession may face these charges if the police suspect there was intent to distribute. These charges also extend to individuals accused of illegally distributing prescription medications.

Federal and state guidelines typically apply to drugs that are labeled as controlled substances. This means that the distribution of the specific substances is governed by law. Different statutes apply depending on the drug in question.

South Carolina residents who are accused of drug trafficking or distribution could face significant consequences under both state and federal law standards regarding controlled substances. These consequences can include hefty fines and imprisonment, both of which can have a dramatic effect on the accused’s future prospects, including their family life and professional standing. A strategic criminal defense can help keep the accused’s best interest in mind while working toward fighting the charges filed against them.

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