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South Carolina man charged twice in a week for felony DUI

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2014 | Drunk Driving

A South Carolina man is facing multiple charges for two separate incidents of alleged DUI. Charges against him include felony DUI, hit and run and driving an uninsured motor vehicle — among several others. The consequences for a DUI conviction can be severe, according to state laws, particularly if there is a history of repeat offenses.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol reports that the accused was recently involved in an accident that claimed the life of one individual. Charges were filed against him, and he was released on bond. Just days after his release, troopers claim this same individual was arrested again following another crash. The second collision occurred in Anderson County over a weekend.

The accused was reportedly taken to the hospital for medical care before he was arrested. It is unknown if anyone else was injured in the crash. This incident is still being investigated by local law enforcement. The accused has been released on bond, and it is unknown if any further court dates have been scheduled at this time.

Regardless of a person’s previous criminal record, those accused do have the right to defend themselves and expect fair court proceedings for the current charges at hand. As the felony DUI and other charges listed against this individual are taken very seriously in South Carolina, he would likely benefit from a strategically planned criminal defense on his behalf. While these charges won’t be particularly easy to fight, it isn’t an impossible task. There are a variety of legal avenues that may be pursued to achieve a desirable outcome.

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