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Tyler Thigpen charged with drunk driving in South Carolina

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2014 | Drunk Driving

Thinking about typical DUI arrests, these tend to occur after a person is pulled over in a standard traffic stop. However, DUI arrests can occur at some of the most random places. Recently, police in South Carolina arrested a man who had apparently fallen asleep in a drive-thru lane. This individual, who happens to be an ex-NFL player with a successful playing career from 2007 up until 2012, is now facing charges for drunk driving.

Tyler Thigpen was recently arrested by police officers in Horry County. According to a recent news report, officers were tending to another call when they noticed an SUV that had been sitting in a Wendy’s drive-thru lane for approximately 20 minutes. Upon further investigation, they claim to have found the driver asleep behind the wheel with his foot on the brake pedal.

Officers claim Mr. Thigpen smelled strongly of alcohol, but he reportedly refused to submit to field sobriety and chemical testing. This individual was booked into Myrtle Beach Jail shortly after being found. He was released a few hours later on $1,000 bond.

It is unknown if any court dates have been scheduled in Mr. Thigpen’s case. As the penalties for drunk driving charges in South Carolina vary based on previous convictions, it is unknown exactly what consequences he could be facing; however, potential penalties for similar charges that result in a conviction include license suspension, jail time and fines. This individual does have the right to defend himself against the charges at hand, and a number of legal strategies can be employed to pursue the best possible outcome for his specific situation.

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