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Head injuries prove fatal for victim of crash in South Carolina

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2015 | Brain Injury

There is no debating that injuries suffered in car accidents can be fatal. Sadly, far too many South Carolina residents lose their lives in car accidents each and every year. Head injuries are fairly common in serious car accidents, and the full effects of such injuries may not be seen immediately or the damages done may simply be beyond repair.

Recently, a young man died after suffering blunt force trauma to his head in a car crash. The 22-year-old male was the passenger in an SUV that was struck by a police officer’s car. The officer was reportedly in pursuit of another automobile at the time of the collision.

The driver of the SUV has been charged for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle and with DUI. Some are still questioning the police officer’s liability in all of this. The incident is still under investigation by the county’s sheriff’s office and the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

A number of factors are supposed to be considered before a police officer decides to pursue a suspect at a high rate of speed. Public safety is at the top of that list. At this time, no information has been released regarding the speed of the officer’s vehicle, the number of troops involved in the pursuit or whether the officer involved had sight of the suspect at the time of the collision. All factors, many believe, are an important part in determining the officer’s liability in this young man’s death.

Treating head injuries can be difficult and, in cases such as this one, may prove ineffective. Family members of the victim retain the right to pursue a wrongful death claim in an effort to recoup any financial losses incurred as a result of this incident. This claim can be filed against the driver of the SUV and possibly the police officer and his or her employer. Claims that are successfully litigated in a South Carolina civil court can net a victim’s family compensation for any and all damages recoverable in accordance with state laws.

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