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Men arrested for robbery have right to criminal defense

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2015 | Criminal Defense

Several men were recently arrested in connection with an armed robbery in South Carolina. The charges against them are quite serious and have a variety of potential consequences — if convictions are secured — that can have a drastic impact on their personal and professional lives. These individuals, four in all, have the right to a criminal defense offered on behalf of each individual to help reach the best outcome possible for the situation at hand.

According to police, four individuals allegedly held a man at gunpoint and took the keys to his golf cart as well as a couple of gift cards. The victim gave a description of the suspects and their vehicle which, ultimately, led to the arrest of the four individuals accused of this crime. The men were detained following a traffic stop in which officers claim to have found a gun and the allegedly stolen property.

The accused, ages 21 to 23, have been charged with armed robbery, drug violations and possession of stolen property. They are currently being held at a local detention center and bond has been set in each case. These individuals are also reportedly facing criminal charges in another jurisdiction.

The charges against each of these individuals may be challenging to fight, but not impossible. A crucial aspect of a successful criminal defense includes reviewing and questioning any evidence offered against each of the accused. Doing so may produce information that could prove beneficial in a South Carolina criminal court. While the outlook for charges like these may initially seem bleak, it is possible to resolve cases such as these in a way that keeps the best interests of the accused front and center.

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