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Multiple charges filed, including felony DUI, after car crash

On Behalf of | May 28, 2015 | Felonies

A South Carolina man is behind bars for his alleged involvement in a fatal car crash over Memorial Day weekend. This individual is facing multiple charges for the incident, one of which is a felony DUI. The allegations in this case are far from minor, and the potential consequences this man is facing could have a drastic impact on his future.

According to a recent report, a 21-year-old male was struck and killed by a car while riding his moped. Police arrested the driver of the automobile, whom they believe is responsible for the accident. Law enforcement officials claim this gentleman was speeding at the time of the crash. They also allege that he attempted to leave the scene following the incident.

The charges filed against the accused include driving on a suspended license, possession of a weapon and felony DUI — among many others. It is unknown if bond has been established in this case. It is also unknown if any court hearings have been scheduled.

In South Carolina, a felony DUI charge, along with the other offenses alleged in this case, can carry extremely strict penalties — if prosecutors are able to successfully secure a conviction against the accused. One such penalty is a lengthy prison term which, if ordered, could greatly alter the future prospects of the accused. With so much to lose, this individual, and others in situations similar to his, could utilize and benefit from the guidance and representation offered by an experienced criminal defense team. A well-planned strategic defense, which involves scrutinizing every detail of any evidence offered against the accused, can help achieve the best outcome possible under such difficult and challenging circumstances.

UPDATE: Charges filed in Duplin Co. man’s death in Myrtle Beach, May 24, 2015