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South Carolina brain injuries: Life after a TBI

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2015 | Brain Injury

After suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) the life of the victim and his or her family members is forever changed. The consequences associated with brain injuries can vary. Determining the level of severity will give those residing in South Carolina or elsewhere an idea of what their lives may look like after experiencing such injuries.

A TBI can have a profound impact on a victim’s quality of life. The damages do not stop there, however. Family members are also affected, both emotionally and financially, by these injuries.

The recovery process is far from easy, regardless of the level of brain injury. There are common stages that most can expect to experience in the weeks and years following such an event. These typically include:

  • Initial impact: swelling, bleeding and reduced brain function.
  • The beginning stages of healing: reduced swelling, some improvement in function and the ability to respond.
  • Later stages: improvement in responses and physical and brain functions.

For those with minor injuries these stages may pass fairly quickly, but for those who have suffered significant damages, the healing process can take months to years. Often, even with therapy, full function may not be achieved. Every minor improvement is to be celebrated, as there is no sure way of telling how much progress is to be expected.

The first six months following a TBI is typically when people will see improvements happen the fastest. Further advancements may be made over time with proper treatment and therapy, but the rate of progress may be reduced. Two years post-injury, those who have suffered moderate to severe TBI may still experience some level of disability. Some may require full-time care. Others may need assistance but can generally perform well enough to return to work or perform other normal daily functions.

The effects of brain injuries can be wide-ranging, and only time will tell how well a person is able to recover. During recovery, the physical, financial and emotional costs of such an injury can be debilitating. For those whose injuries were caused due to someone else’s negligence, it is possible for victims or their family members to seek compensation. A personal injury claim that is filed and successfully litigated in a South Carolina civil court, or settled through negotiations, may achieve sufficient remuneration for the damages sustained, granting much needed financial relief throughout the recovery process.

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