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South Carolina wrongful death: Child killed in bus accident

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2015 | Wrongful Death

No parent wants to receive a phone call informing him or her that his or her child has been involved in an accident while traveling to or from school. Transportation offered by the use of school buses is considered to be safer than that of traditional passenger vehicles. However, a recent accident has many in an area of South Carolina questioning whether that is actually true. A little boy was reportedly killed after the school bus he was riding in collided with a semi. The parents or guardians of this child may certainly consider filing a wrongful death claim to help recover some of the financial losses incurred as a result of this terrible tragedy.

At the end of May, in Aiken County, police were called to the scene of an accident between a school bus and a semi truck. Somehow, the two vehicles collided with each other. The exact cause of this crash has yet to be reported. It is also unknown if either of the drivers involved is facing criminal charges with regard to the incident.

Three people on board the bus — the driver and two children — were injured as a result of the crash. One of the children, a 4-year-old boy, ultimately died due to significant head trauma. The other two individuals were transported to a medical facility for treatment.

The loss of a child is, undoubtedly, the hardest thing a parent might have to endure. While there is nothing that can replace the precious life that was lost in this tragic accident, the parents or guardians of this little boy can seek compensation for any economic and non-economic losses encountered as a direct result of this crash. Depending on the investigative findings in this case, wrongful death claims may be filed against either of the drivers and their employers. Upon proof of negligence, a civil court in South Carolina may award a monetary judgment to the victim’s surviving family members.

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