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South Carolina car accidents: bus hits truck causing injuries

The South Carolina Highway Patrol is currently investigating a crash that resulted in injuries. According to reports, a pickup was struck by a bus, trapping the truck driver in the vehicle. Car accidents such at this are likely to leave victims with various questions, some of which may include: who is liable for the crash, and can I seek compensation?

On the evening of Aug. 20, rescue teams responded to the accident. Upon arriving at the scene, the truck was found pinned between trees and the bus, making it impossible for truck driver to free himself from the wreckage. After being extricated from the vehicle, he was flown to a hospital for the treatment of unspecified injuries.

The bus driver was also injured in the collision. This individual was taken to a nearby medical facility with what were referred to as non-life-threatening injuries. Law enforcement officials have not yet indicated what may have caused the crash.

Car accidents that result in injuries are not taken lightly, and authorities in South Carolina will do everything reasonably possible to provide answers to the victims of such incidents. In the meantime, those injured will likely face a number of challenges — financially, psychologically and physically — as they focus on recovering. When police are able to determine who was responsible for this collision, the victim may choose to pursue legal actions in an effort to seek compensation for any economic losses experienced, as well as for pain and suffering and mental anguish. If the individual believed responsible is, in fact, found financially responsible in civil court, monetary relief may be awarded.

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