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South Carolina drug court: Man charged with marijuana possession

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2015 | Drug Charges

An elderly gentleman in South Carolina was recently arrested for marijuana possession and other drug-related charges. His arrest came after he called police, seeking assistance with an alleged robbery that occurred at his home. Depending on how this particular case is handled, the accused may seek to have the charges dismissed or pursue rehabilitative services in drug court.

It was recently reported that a 67-year-old male was arrested after he called police to report a robbery at his home. The accused had allegedly invited an unknown man over to his house for the purpose of smoking marijuana. After arriving at the house, this individual supposedly demanded money, grabbed cash off of the accused’s table and ran from the home. The accused called police shortly after the incident.

When authorities arrived on scene, they arrested the accused on possession and other drug charges — such as loitering for drug trafficking purposes. Bond was set at just under $1,000 in his case. Court dates regarding this particular matter have not been disclosed. Police have not made an arrest for the alleged robbery.

Drug charges of this nature can carry stiff penalties in South Carolina. In criminal court, the accused could face jail time and fines if he is convicted. If his case qualifies for drug court, however, he may receive rehabilitative services for possible drug addiction– if appropriate. Drug court cases are handled in a very specific manner and the failure to comply with the outlined program can result a case being sent back to criminal court. Legal assistance is available to help the accused find the best solution for his situation, whether that is fighting the charges or seeking alternative sentencing.

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