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Rape reported in Horry County

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2016 | Sex Crimes

Investigators in South Carolina were called to look into a sexual assault that is said to have occurred in Surfside Beach at the end of January. Few details have been released about this event. The accusation in this case is of rape, which is something that will be taken seriously by authorities and can certainly carry significant penalties if the accused is convicted in criminal court.

This particular incident allegedly occurred the morning of Jan. 31, near a Holiday Inn. No information was provided about the victim or his or her alleged attacker. At this time, it is unknown if police have made an arrest in this case.

Rape, by definition, is sexual intercourse or other form of penetration against a person without his or her consent. Determining if a sexual encounter qualifies as rape can be difficult. It is often the victim’s word against the accused; however, both sides have rights that need to be protected and both the accused and the victim deserve to be heard.

In a rape case, physical evidence is important. A lack of such evidence is certainly favorable for a defendant. If physical evidence is offered by prosecuting attorneys, it is possible to question the findings which may bring valuable information to light that can help the accused in court. Accusations of rape may seem impossible to fight, but those in South Carolina who have been accused of such actions can, alongside legal counsel, determine what is best for their situations and proceed accordingly. This may be in the effort to secure a case dismissal or to seek a plea agreement with sentencing concessions.

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