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South Carolina criminal defense: Numerous arrests this month

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2016 | Criminal Defense

According to a recent report, February has been a busy month for law enforcement officials in the Myrtle Beach area. Several individuals have been arrested on a variety of charges — many involving drugs and/or alcohol. Each of the accused has the right to a criminal defense in a South Carolina criminal court.

One of the accused individuals was an out-of-state woman who was pulled over for speeding on Valentine’s Day. Upon further investigation, the officer on the scene claims to have smelled marijuana in the vehicle. Upon searching the accused’s car, the officer claims to have found a bag containing a leafy substance, an unlabeled prescription bottle and a loaded gun. The woman was promptly arrested and charged with speeding, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of narcotics and unlawful possession of a weapon. It is unknown whether a court date has been scheduled in her case.

Another person was arrested after being involved in a single-vehicle car accident on Feb. 15. The driver claims to have lost control of his vehicle while reaching for something on the floor of the car. The officer called to the scene administered field sobriety tests and then arrested the man for impaired driving. The accused was taken to a medical center for further testing.

These are just two of numerous drug and/or alcohol-related arrests that have occurred recently in South Carolina. These and the many other accused individuals do have the right to fight any criminal charges filed against them in court. A criminal defense attorney would likely be of great help to each of the accused, as each of their cases and personal circumstances are unique and will require individualized defense strategies.

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