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Child pornography charges filed against South Carolina man

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2016 | Sex Crimes

A South Carolina man was recently arrested for his alleged role in distributing pornographic images of children online. He is now facing child pornography charges, including four counts of sexual exploitation. This individual has the right to seek out experienced legal counsel to assist his with his case.

According to local reports, the accused — an older gentleman residing in the Greenville area — was arrested June 29 by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. This individual is said to already be a registered sex offender. According to the Attorney General’s Office, he is accused of distributing the explicit images through a file-sharing program.

The charges against this individual are all considered felony offenses. As such, the potential consequences if he is convicted include imprisonment for up to 10 years for each charge. The accused is currently being held at Greenville County jail. Bond has been set in his case at $40,000. At this time, court dates for his case have not been reported.

When it comes to child pornography and any other crimes against children, these are cases that the state of South Carolina takes very seriously. In order to tackle the accusations and charges filed in this case, the accused is facing a lengthy legal battle in criminal court. With the assistance of counsel, this individual will be able to choose the best legal course for his circumstances, whether that be negotiating with prosecuting attorneys in seeking a plea agreement or striving to obtain a dismissal or reduction in charges.

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