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Felony DUI charge filed after fatal crash

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2016 | Felonies

The driver believed responsible for a car crash in South Carolina that killed one individual has been arrested and charged for the incident. Authorities claim that this individual was driving while impaired when the accident occurred. The accused is now facing a felony DUI charge.

On July 3, a 30-year-old male was driving an SUV in the Conway area when he reportedly lost control of his vehicle, ran off the side of the road and crashed. Both he and his passenger — a 20-year-old male — were thrown from the car and suffered unspecified injuries. Both gentleman were transported to an area hospital for treatment. Sadly, the passenger died a few days after the incident.

Police arrested the driver on Friday, July 8, after he was released from the medical facility. He has been charged with DUI resulting in death. It is unknown if bond has been set in his case or if any court dates have been scheduled regarding this matter.

In South Carolina and elsewhere, the conviction of a felony DUI charge can have life-altering consequences. In this instance, the accused may face years in prison — among other penalties — if prosecuting attorneys are successful in proving their case. When facing criminal charges, it is easy to feel that there is little hope; however, with the assistance of legal counsel, any accusations made against an individual can be thoroughly investigated and the best course of action decided. With the right help, the accused may be able to fight the charges at hand, seek a reduction in charges or seek out a plea agreement in an effort to minimize any resulting consequences.

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