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South Carolina woman facing drunk driving and other charges

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2016 | Drunk Driving

A young woman in South Carolina is accused of driving while impaired with two children in her car and crashing her vehicle. As a result she has been arrested and is facing several charges, including drunk driving and child endangerment. While her relationship to the children involved was not identified, these charges could affect her parental rights if she is the mother of one or both of them.

On July 31, a police officer in Greenwood came upon a 27-year-old woman who had crashed her car against a curb. Upon further investigation, the officer alleges the woman smelled of alcohol and appeared confused and unsteady. The policeman administered field sobriety tests which the accused is said to have failed. It was also reported that her blood alcohol level was tested and she blew a .19 — well over the legal limit in South Carolina.

Shortly after arriving on scene, the officer arrested the woman. She is charged with endangering the lives of the two children in her vehicle and DUI. It is unknown if bond has been set in her case or if court dates regarding this matter have been arranged.

In South Carolina, drunk driving is a serious offense regardless if anyone is hurt as a result of such behavior. In this particular case, the woman stands to lose quite a bit, including her parental rights — if applicable — if prosecuting attorneys are able to secure a conviction. With so much on the line, the accused, alongside legal counsel, can take the appropriate steps necessary to fight the charges at hand in an effort to minimize any potential consequences associated with these charges.

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