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South Carolina child pornography: Sexting in a serious offense

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2016 | Sex Crimes

When people hear the word sexting, they tend to think of adults sending nude images or suggestive materials to others via electronic means. While this is often what is happening, sexting has also become a way to share child pornography as well. This, of course, is something that the state of South Carolina does not take lightly, and those caught engaging in this type of activity will face criminal charges.

As it currently stands, there are actually few laws that address the problem of sexting. Those who are accused of sexting suggestive or nude images of minors are then subject to child pornography laws. Anyone accused of producing or distributing such materials is likely to face felony charges.

Sexting is becoming more common. It is often reported in the news about teenagers and adults engaging in such behavior. Few actually talk about the criminal consequences of such behavior, though. Those convicted of engaging in sexting child pornography may face a number of penalties, including:

  • Prison time
  • Registration on the Sex Offender Registry
  • Fines
  • Rehabilitation

While those who engage in sexting may view it as a harmless act, the state disagrees — especially if minors are involved. A child pornography conviction carries with it consequences that will affect one for life. Those in South Carolina who are accused of producing and/or distributing child porn through sexting may seek help in fighting their cases. With the assistance of counsel, the accused may gain a greater understanding of his or her legal options and be able to make informed decisions regarding the best course of action to pursue for his or her situation.

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