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South Carolina drug court levels

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2017 | Drug Charges

Those charged with drug-related offenses in South Carolina may be able to avoid prosecution by having their cases moved to drug court. Drug court offers treatment and rehabilitation in a supervised setting. While this is not an option available to all who are facing drug charges, it is a great way to avoid criminal punishment and get the help needed to beat drug addictions for those who do qualify.

Drug courts may be run differently from county to county. In Horry County, drug court is divided into two levels — simply known as Level I and Level II. Level I drug court takes at least nine months to finish and is only for those whose charges do not involve violent crimes. During the program, the accused must attend several treatment sessions and self help meetings each and every week. He or she must also submit to drug and/or alcohol testing.

Level II drug court is a little more intense. It can take a minimum of 18 months to finish. During that time, the accused will have to attend at least three treatment sessions and four self help meetings a week. He or she will also have to make a court appearance once a week and submit to drug and/or alcohol testing. Regardless if one qualifies for Level I or Level II drug court, failure to complete either of the programs as ordered will result in one’s case being moved back to criminal court.

The availability of drug court in South Carolina has helped countless people in overcoming their addictions. Those who are facing drug-related charges and feel that this would be a good fit for them can discuss the matter with their legal counsel. If one meets all of the necessary qualifications for this treatment program, one’s criminal defense attorney can take the necessary steps toward having the case transferred to drug court.

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