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South Carolina criminal defense: Man arrested for slapping teen

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2017 | Criminal Defense

A South Carolina man has found himself in legal trouble following an incident on a school bus. He is now facing assault and battery charges, among others. As a conviction on these charges could negatively impact both his personal and professional life, this individual has the right to employ a criminal defense attorney to help him fight his case in court.

According to a recent report, on Tuesday, Jan. 31, the accused boarded the school bus and had a verbal and physical confrontation with one of its passengers. Video shows him talking to and slapping a teenager and then getting off the bus. This is believed to have happened due to the teen allegedly bullying the daughter of the accused’s girlfriend.

The mother of the teen who was attacked contacted authorities soon after this incident occurred. The accused was taken into police custody the following day. It is unknown if he is still in custody or if he has been released to wait for his court date.

The charges filed in this case carry fairly significant penalties if a conviction is achieved — such as jail time and fines. The accused is facing all of this because he was standing up for a loved one. While it may seem wrong, but it is the victim’s right to press charges.

According to the laws of South Carolina, the accused has the right to a criminal defense. He has the right to fight the accusations made against him or to seek to minimize any potential consequences. An experienced attorney can assist the accused in this case in pursuing the best legal course for his circumstances.

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