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Highway patrol looking to reduce car accidents with new campaign

On Behalf of | May 1, 2017 | Car Accidents

At the end of April, the South Carolina Highway Patrol began a new safety campaign aimed at aggressive drivers. The STOP Aggressive Driving Campaign will be going all year long. Its goal is to reduce the number of car accidents caused by reckless behavior.

According to a recent report, the SCHP and other police departments in Horry County will be on the lookout for aggressive driving behaviors such tailgating, speeding, following too closely, making unlawful lane changes and cutting other drivers off — among various others. Why? It is believed that such behavior behind the wheel leads to more car accidents than drunk driving. In fact, in 2016, 70 people lost their lives in accidents caused by aggressive drivers, more were injured.

Road rage is another issue that the SCHP is also looking to stop. Those who are victims of road rage are encouraged to call police as soon as possible, avoid eye contact with the aggressive driver and to get off the road and stop at a well-populated place in order to get away. Reporting aggressive drivers and road rage incidents has been made quite simple. All one has to do is dial star 47 from his or her phone and a trooper will be sent to one’s location.

South Carolina residents who have been injured or lost loved one’s in car accidents caused by aggressive drivers may have legal recourse. Personal injury, wrongful death and any other applicable claims may be filed against the responsibility party in civil court. If that person is found to have been negligent in his or her actions, the court may award the victim or his or her surviving family members a monetary judgment for any and all recoverable damages.

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