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South Carolina criminal defense: 2 arrested for DUI

On Behalf of | May 22, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Police officers in South Carolina performed a routine traffic stop on a driver suspected of impairment. Then, another driver crashed into the scene, leaving several people injured. As a result, two drivers, not just one, ended up being arrested and charged with DUI. Both have the right to a criminal defense.

According to a local news report, two police officers in Mount Pleasant pulled over a vehicle whose driver was suspected of driving while under the influence. During the stop, another car smashed into the rear end of a patrol car, pushing it into the other patrol car, the two officers and the other vehicle. Both officers were injured as was the driver the officers were initially checking for impairment. All three were transported to an area hospital for treatment.

The second driver was arrested by the South Carolina Highway Patrol and charged with DUI. The first suspect is also expected to be booked after his release from the hospital. It is unclear if court dates have been scheduled regarding either of their cases.

In South Carolina, impaired driving is never taken lightly. Both of the accused in this case could face jail time/imprisonment, fines, loss of driving privileges and a myriad of other penalties that could greatly affect their lives. Thankfully, each has the right to fight the charges filed with the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. With legal counsel on their side, their cases can be fully investigated, evidence questioned and defense strategies appropriate for their circumstances formed and put into action.

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