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Operation Southern Shield meant to help reduce car accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | Car Accidents

Many drivers in South Carolina and in other states driver well above the posted speed limits or commit a number of traffic violations that put themselves and others with whom they share the road at risk. Unfortunately, this behavior has led to numerous car accidents over the years. A new initiative by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration is meant to get people to slow down and save lives.

Operation Southern Shield, as it is being called, will be taking place in five different states — South Carolina included — from July 17 until July 23. Highway Patrol officers will be monitoring everything from back roads to major highways, on the lookout for those who are speeding or committing any other traffic violations. Those caught could end up being ticketed and fined.

Why has South Carolina opted to take part in this operation? So far this year over 500 people have died in car accidents in the state. Many of these deaths occurred in accidents that resulted from speeding or DUI, and some of the deaths resulted from the victims not wearing their seat belts.

So many car accidents that occur are highly preventable. Unfortunately, numerous South Carolina residents have been hurt or lost loved ones in collisions caused by negligent drivers. These individuals, according to state laws, may seek compensation for their losses by pursing civil claims against those believed responsible. An experienced attorney can assist in filing and litigating all claims applicable to one’s case in an effort to seek maximum relief for any damages sustained.

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