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When passengers are injured in car accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2017 | Car Accidents

Being a passenger in a car can leave one feeling kind of helpless, especially when one can only watch as an accident happens. Passengers simply have no control, they just have to sit and hope for the best. When passengers are injured in car accidents, though, they do not just have to sit by and figure out how they are going to cover any of their resulting losses. According to the state of South Carolina, they may have legal recourse.

So, who is responsible for a passenger’s injuries? It could be the driver or drivers who caused the crash, the owner of the car — if different — the vehicle manufacturer, the city or any other party thought at fault. It all depends on the details of the event.

How does one pursue damages? In order to seek compensation for any losses sustained as a passenger in an auto accident, the injured individual will have to file a legal complaint against the responsible party. There will be a discovery period, giving each side time to investigate and prepare their case. Then the case will either go to trial or be settled through out-of-court negotiations.

Few people like the idea of filing legal claims against someone else. Sometimes, though, it is the only way to get relief. This is particularly true following car accidents. Insurance companies will always try to pay the absolute minimum and most of the time that is just not enough. With legal assistance, South Carolina residents who have suffered passenger injuries can do all that is necessary to seek fair and full compensation for their losses.

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