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Bicycle taxi crash leads to DUI charges

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2018 | Drunk Driving

One South Carolina woman has been charged with DUI after she was captured on video colliding with a bicycle taxi after driving strangely in Charleston. The crash was captured by another driver’s dashcam on the evening of Oct. 30. After the woman crashed into the bike taxi driver, two other cars chased after her Honda Pilot, boxing her in and holding her there before police arrived on the scene.

According to the video and to information gleaned from a 911 call made by a witness, the 24-year-old woman seemed to attempt to change lanes in order to pass by the bicycle taxi. However, she sped up quickly before braking harshly, nearly hitting the bicycle-drawn compartment. She then tried to pass the car recording the dashcam video, this time hitting the bike before driving away quickly.

After the other concerned drivers boxed the woman in, one of them left his own vehicle and opened the woman’s door, removing the keys from the ignition while a witness called 911. Local police said that the woman showed visual signs of intoxication and that they could smell alcohol on her breath. They said that she could not describe the accident coherently as well. After administering a breath test, she is accused of driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.24 percent. Her driver’s license was suspended, and she now faces misdemeanor DUI charges that could land her in jail for up to 90 days.

While some DUI incidents are caught on video, many more people face drunk driving charges in far more mundane situations. When people are facing DUI allegations, they could lose their driver’s license or face hefty fines or jail time. A criminal defense attorney can help people to fight back against drunk driving charges, challenging police evidence and working to avoid a conviction.