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Seatbelt use could protect against liver injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2018 | Car Accidents

Some of the most severe car accident injuries that people in Myrtle Beach may experience are caused by blunt abdominal trauma. Every year, over 2 million Americans go to the emergency room as a result of injuries caused by a crash. The total cost to the health care system hovers around $1 trillion each year. This is in addition to the costs to accident victims’ physical health, mental well-being and financial stability. Because the damages caused by a crash can be so severe, many people want to take all of the precautions they can to protect themselves. Researchers say that wearing a seatbelt may not prevent liver injuries entirely, but it can lower the risk of suffering severe damage.

One study examined over 50,000 people who had experienced liver damage in an auto accident. According to researchers, accident victims with severe liver injuries were two times as likely to lose their lives as those with mild to moderate liver issues. Seatbelt use is generally associated with reduced fatalities in crashes. However, they are usually linked with preventing head injuries rather than reducing the impact caused by blunt abdominal trauma.

The two organs most commonly damaged due to motor vehicle accidents are the liver and the spleen. While the spleen can be removed if it is too damaged, the liver must be preserved in order to save a patient’s life. The researchers found that people wearing seatbelts were 21 percent less likely to experience severe damage to the liver. Airbags also added extra protection only when combined with seatbelts.

Despite these safety precautions, car crashes can lead to severe injuries and permanent disabilities. A personal injury lawyer can help someone injured by a negligent driver seek compensation for damages such as medical bills and lost wages.